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Our Ancestors Wildest Dreams

Happy Black History Month Kingdom!

So, as we close out one of thee blackest months of the year, I’ve decided to pay homage to my ancestors by highlighting present black entrepreneurs and creatives that are making our ancestors proud in their daily lives! The dopest and most exciting part of all is that I personally know everyone that I chose to highlight and they are doing BIG THINGS! One random day I sat reflecting and realized that I was surrounded by so many amazing black talents and they’re all blazing new trails along the paths laid for us by the blood, sweat and tears of our forefathers. So as a nod to the past and good-good ratchet “ayyyyyyeeeeee chant” to the present, I’d like to introduce the rest of the world to my dope corner of black history in the making! Enjoy!

The Seamoss King


First up on my list is my very own baby cousin! I can’t begin to explain how proud I am of this guy! He’s definitely not a baby anymore and he is killing the seamoss game right now with his business Natural Phormula! He launched his business the 3rd quarter of 2020, hit the ground running and hasn’t stopped since! I’ve literally watched him expand from just the original seamoss gel, to now supplying 8 FLAVORS of seamoss gel in 6 months!!! I promise I wouldn’t cap just because he’s my family, but the flavors are DELICIOUS!!! I was leery with my first purchase because I’d never tried seamoss before, but his product was a welcomed and amazing introduction. Not only does he produce and supply the seamoss, but he also takes the time to educate the community about seamoss of it’s list of amazing beneficial qualities. Beyond the seamoss gel, he also supplies 2 types of raw seamoss, iced seamoss balls/cubes and a whole seamoss informational guide! But did he stop there?! NOPE!!! He’s also now supplying an entire skin care line that includes a daily cleanser, exfoliating scrub, rosewater toner, a glow serum and a moisturizer! How about some massage oil?! For my men, maybe a beard oil?! Or even hair growth oil would be nice right?!?! Well he supplies all of those too! If you are in the Chicagoland area, he offers drop off service or you can pick it up. But don’t fret! He also offers shipping whether your’re local or out of town! And it comes very well packaged seeing as though the seamoss is housed in glass mason jars. And just ONE MORE THING… One business wasn’t good enough for this man! He just recently launched his second business Phaded Beverages which offers 7 different mixed alcoholic beverages, accompanied by a 2oz jar of seamoss! Can he get anymore brilliant?! Please click the links below and follow his business pages to be alerted to upcoming new products and also sales! (Yes my mans runs sales too!) Also check out his sites to make your purchases! I guarantee you won’t be sorry!

Instagram: @naturalphormula & @phadedbeverages

Websites: &

The Glam Squad

Now, if you’re any part of the African American diaspora, then you know how hard it can be to find a really good hair stylist, especially one that specializes in natural hair care. Or how about an awesome braider that not only catches every loose strand of hair and is super neat, but does NOT kill your head trying to seemingly extract brain cells because they’re hella heavy handed?! And lets not get me started on a dope nail tech! A dope black nail tech?! One that’s actually personable AND not charging Beyonce prices?! What about a bomb make up artist that doesn’t have you looking like you’re about to meet your maker?! When I tell you that the sweet baby Jesus of glam squad goddesses has smiled upon me since moving back to Chicago, because I have THEE MOST AMAZING team that you ever did meet! The more cycles I make around the sun and the more knowledgeable I’ve become of my experiences and interactions with people, the more I not only want to circulate my black dollars within the black community, but I want to patronize people that make me feel GREAT about spending my money with them. So allow me to introduce you to my glam squad!!!

Brianna: Makeup Artist

I’m not a woman that regularly wears makeup. For one, I have no idea how to apply it. I’ve been saying for years that I’m going to learn and I still haven’t done so. I’ve only had a full face of makeup done once and it was for a wedding a few years ago. Being leery about someone playing in my face, I went with someone I trusted. My cousin Brianna! All I did was tell her I wanted a natural beat and she handled the rest. I was so IN LOVE with the results! I got sooooo many compliments that day and days after from the pictures that I posted. I cried like a baby that entire day and it never smudged or streaked a thing! Wherever I go, she’ll go for all of my makeup needs! My wedding day?!?! You already know who I’m calling. And she’ll travel to you. So for all of your special occasions and makeup needs, contact my favorite cousin and she’ll have you feeling yourself too!

Instagram: breations_mua (contact her via IG for booking info)

Location: Chicago, IL

Makeup done by @breations_mua

Tammi: Nails

There are NO WORDS to describe how much I love my nail tech! Anyone that knows me closely and talks to me on a regular basis are aware of how much I anticipate my Tammi Fridays! She’s the first nail tech I’ve ever gone to and felt like “She’s the one!” and I haven’t let anyone else touch my hands since! Tammi is the sweetest, most personable nail tech I’ve ever experienced! Our appointments are full of laughter, conversations, stories and catching up over the last 2 weeks. (Yup, I have a standing 2 week appointment!) Like legit, she’s like one of my good-good girlfriends all while doing my nails! And my nails?!?! Always BOMB! It’s gotten to a point that I don’t even have requests anymore. I trust her enough to just let her do whatever her heart desires and I’m always in love with the end results. Below you can find all of her contact information. Even if you don’t live close, she’s worth the travel! Oh and did I mention that she makes press-on nails as well?! And she ships!!! Get into it!!!

Instagram: @nailsbytamminicole & @pressedytamminicole


Location: Lacuna Lofts 2150 S. Canalport, Chicago, IL

Yonous: Hair

I made the decision to “go natural” about 6-7ish years ago now. Originally my decision was in support of my younger sister when she decided to go natural for medical reasons, just so she wasn’t doing it alone. But after time, I realized that being natural can truly be a journey of self discovery as a whole. Six years later, I think its one of the best decisions I’ve made to date. I love the versatility of hairstyles that can be accomplished with my hair. I can go from a full out fro to a silk press with the flick of the wrist! And this is where my girl Yonous comes in! A true natural hair fairy godmother! I’m a woman of many talents, but hair has NEVER been one of them! I always knew that I’d have to keep a job to pay someone to slay these edges. Yonous is the greatest! She is so sweet, so efficient and her work is absolutely beautiful. So if you’ve loved any natural style I’ve rocked, chances are that Yonous was the artist. She’s just recently partnered and opened her own salon and it is beautiful! I’ll include all of her contact info below. Check her out. Again, even if you don’t live close, she’s worth the drive!

Instagram: @yonous_hair

Booking: StyleSeat

Location: 923 W. 35th St, Chicago, IL (Like a block or so away from White Sox Stadium)

I have had some of the worst experiences with protective styling professionals. Like real “what I asked for vs. what I got” situations. One of my greatest pet peeves is paying for a service that I’m not 1000% excited about! I’m not the complainer type, but I definitely WILL NOT patronize your business again. I don’t fool with my natural hair myself because it’s too much for me to handle. It’s long and hella dense, especially when wet! One of the main reasons I’ve gone through multiple braiders is because they’ll offer wash services, but in my opinion, they do a poor job at thoroughly washing my hair. My hair definitely poofs like a sponge when wet, so understandably it takes some time to get through, but don’t offer a service if you’re not going to do it correctly! I’m not sure if my hair is too much for them too, or if they just don’t want to be bothered with it, but I’ve had some awful washes, detangling, and blow drying experiences with braiders. Unprofessional individuals, last minute cancellations, but the worst is not being able to lay of my head FOR DAYS after styling because my scalp is so painful. MY GOD! Anyone that knows me knows how I feel about my sleep!

Talicia: Braids

Enter stage right, my new braider Talicia! She was recommended to me by my nail girl, Tammi and I absolutely loved her! So let me paint the picture of my Talicia experience. I had a 12pm appointment and my goodness she actually started on time! My appointment was for a wash and small knotless box braids. Talicia did a BOMB wash! I mean, she got all up close and personal with my scalp. Then she blow dried my hair like I was getting a silk press. Then she proceeded to work her magical fingers on some of the neatest box braids I’ve ever had! The biggest bang of all of this?! I was out her chair and on my way home by 5:45 pm!!!!! MIND BLOWN!!! Sis definitely has a repeat customer out of me! I’ll include pics of how massive my hair can be so you can get the jist of the sorcery she performed on my head in those few short hours! Again, her social medias and booking info are included below. And as previously stated, SHE’S DEFINITELY WORTH THE DRIVE!!!

Instagram: @angelic_her

Booking: Booksy

Location: Lacuna Lofts 2150 S. Canalport, Chicago, IL

She tackled all this in less than 6 hours!!!

The Inspirational Intellectuals

Listen, I know some pretty amazing individuals that are using the gifts they were blessed with, to be a blessing to others. These people literally are blessed with gifted minds and hearts for people and I am so blessed to even know them at all.

Sasha Monet

There aren’t enough words in the english vernacular to descdribe my sister & best friend. She is the epitome and manifestation of realness. Ohhh how I love her so! God blessed this one with the gift of gab, never having met a stranger (including me), she’s the reason we’re even friends today! Ever having a bad day?! Call Sasha Monet! Stuck between decisions and need a voice of reason?! Sasha’s my girl! After any random conversation she can leave you feeling like you can conquer the world. My secret keeper, voice of reason, dream catcher, shoulder to cry on! My very own Oprah! But I couldn’t keep her greatness to myself and the world deserves to hear what she has to say! She’s put those talents to use and started a “nurse talks” forum on Facebook where she gives the inside scoop on nursing from her point of view. The real inside scoop, the good, the bad and the ugly parts of nursing that you really don’t hear about. She’s taken that gift of gab and created a platform for it, aptly titled “SheLOVES2Talk”. Follow & subscribe to her on the channels below!

Facebook: Sheloves Totalk

Instagram: @sheLOVES2talk

Youtube: SheLOVES2talk

Aaron Isaiah

IT’S THE BEAUTIFUL MIND FOR ME!!! Aaron Isaiah is in a class of his own. He’s black, he’s bald, he’s beautiful and he’s brilliant! What more can one ask for?! Oh he’s a sweetheart, a great friend, an amazing listener, a dope conversationalist, and dare I mention that the man can sing?! Chile please! Above all, the most intriguing thing about him is his mind. I can have a conversation with him for hours and enjoy every millisecond of it. I’m sure I learn something new every time we link, even if it’s just a new vocabulary word because his lexicon is intricate! (Yea, I learned lexicon from him also!) You can literally see the wheels of his mind turning while he talks to you! And his advice?! *Chef’s Kiss* He’s taken that gift of abstract thinking and love for people and birthed his passion. Prevail Through Change, LLC is his life coaching organization. I don’t believe I could think of a more perfect profession for him. Whatever your’re struggling with in your current life, trying to make sense of, trying to get back on track with… he has a reconstruction program that can be tailored to you! Hit him up for a consultation! Even if a consultation is all you decide to pursue, I can assure you that the conversation in itself will be memorable!


I have known Shaquana for over a decade now. We attended college together at the illustrious Grambling State University! But my love for how has grown over the recent years. I’m sure we’ve been social media friends practically the entire time we’ve known each other, but within these last few years I’ve actually had to stop and take notice of the woman she has flourished into. I esteem people who boldly and wholeheartedly walk in their truths with a certain regality. It’s a boldness, a fierceness, a freedom even that I not only admire in people, but also aspire to exude in time. About 2 years ago, Shaquana started posting “Bible Study & Chill” videos on Facebook, where she teaches all who are willing to listen about Christ. When she started it, I thought it was a brilliant idea, because some people may never be introduced to Christ the “traditional” way, of being raised in the church, or even being invited to church to be introduced to Christ. But a staggering majority of our population has social media, so she brought the church to where it can reach those people, especially young people. You never know how stumbling across one of her videos could bring so many lives to Christ. I love her, I love her message, and I love her willingness to accept her assignment of doing God’s work! You can reach her at the platforms below!

Facebook: Shaquana Speaks (where she posts inspirational messages)

Instagram: @shaquana.speaks (where she posts incouraging messages and interacts with her followers)

Youtube: Shaquana Speaks (where you can find her monthly “Bible Study & Chill” videos



Another Grambling Alum, and fellow Grambling School of Nursing graduate, Teih has taken the world by storm since our college days and I can’t say she’s close to stopping yet. I have also enjoyed her journey of becoming over the years. One of the most impressive things I’ve marveled about is her published Christian devotional, A Moment With God. I speak for myself, but I’m sure so many others can relate, that sometimes we get so caught up in the hum drum hamster wheel of life, that we neglect to take a moment to reflect and just say “thank you Lord”. Things may not be picture perfect, you may not have all that you desire, but what you do have and where you are currently is just where you need to be and what you need to have, and there is someone out there that would LOVE to trade into our shoes. A Moment With God is a 147 page devotional dedicated to doing just that, inviting you to take a moment with just you and God, and promts you to reflect on all that you have to be grateful for. God is worth our full and undevided attention, and this devotional is a beautiful reminder to give God a moment of your time. Buy one for you, your family, friends, coworkers, it makes the perfect gift! Invite someone to take a moment with God, with you!

Instagram: @amomentwithgod

Amazon: A Moment With God (Click the link to buy the book!)

A Moment With God

The Fashionista

Quinessa: Everything Style Guru

I absolutely love me some Q! She is literally one of the sweetest and most genuine souls that I’ve ever encountered. She has a beautiful mind and my absolute favorite quality of hers is that she walks to the beat of her own orchestra! Q embodies everything style. I’m sure she probably dreams of clothes and fashion shows. Her style is something that I’m not quite sure society has created a label for and I love it! She has taken her love of fashion and turned it into her passion. My favorite “Q-idea” is when she does her style series. She’ll pick a theme and for 7 days straight she styles herself according to the theme. It’s literally the dopest thing ever! Quinessa also offers so many fashion services including styling consultations, personal styling, personal shopping, style makeovers, closet makeovers, clothing rental, in-home shopping experiences, and she does speaking engagements/workshops all about fashion. The in-home shopping experiences are in relation to a pretty dope company she works with called Cabi. Q will literally bring their entire collection to your home for you and your girlfriends to have a personal shopping experience. It’s totally fun and can be as low key or lavish as you plan it! Hit her up for all of your fashion needs!

Instagram: @always.on.q


The Crafters


My very own big sister!!! No like seriously, she’s my blood blood, the oldest girl of the brood and a crafting diva! From custom t-shirts, to blinged out shoes, ornaments, memorables, ashtrays, keepsakes, and so much more! She has done it all! Even if she hasn’t done it yet, I’m sure she could slay it! Top quality results that you’d be amazed by! Don’t take my word for it, check out her social medias below!

Instagram: @msshay1236


And there you have it Kingdom! My lil’ corner of dope black entrepreneurs, intellectuals and creatives! Some of them definitely fit in more catagory than one! They are making waves, changing the game and being so blackity black black doing it!!! So everybody join me for a round of applause, a standing ovation and another good-good ratchet “aaayyyyyyyeeeee” chant to this group of black dopeness, because they all definitely deserve their flowers! (And fists in the air salutes).✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾👑👸🏽🤴🏿

From My Kingdom to Yours,
Stay Royal!
Freddie J.

Hello my loves and welcome back to my Kingdom! If this is your first time visiting my page, WELCOME! I hope you enjoyed yourself and stick around for more! Better yet, JOIN THE KINGDOM! Don’t forget to like this post, like/follow/subscribe to my page for notifications of all future postings! Feel free to leave a comment below! I’d love to hear your feedback, any comments or questions! Most importantly, if you did enjoy my post, SHARE IT WITH YOU FAMILY/FRIENDS! Don’t forget to go back and read any past postings that you may have missed! Thank you all! God Bless!


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  1. Sis another awesome blog. Thank you for shedding the spotlight on some beautiful black Kings and Queens. I pray an overflow of blessings to all of these black entrepreneurs. Beautiful black excellence at its best.

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