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It’s A Rant

Hello my fellow Queens & Kings and welcome back to the Kingdom! HAPPY NEW YEAR everybody! Prayerfully everyone’s 2021 is off to a smooth start! Even if it isn’t loves, we have 11 whole months to turn this thing around! But, before we get too deep off into this new year, I have to get something off my chest. Now listen, majority of the time, things I see on social media, I take as a grain of salt and keep it moving. It doesn’t quite effect me much. But there has been one single post/mindset circulating and working it’s way around social media land and it BOTHERS ME every time I see it!

Listen… to each it’s own. There are some people that had a very awesome and productive 2020. 2020 was actually a year that some people flourished and excelled and whatever other blessing that came their way. If you are one of those people, then congratulations to you queen/king/bro/sis! I’m happy for you, I’m glad you went out there and got it, I’m excited that despite the chaos of 2020 you were shown favor, and prayerfully, I hope your 2021 is even bigger & better than 2020 was for you.

But for the rest of civilization… I’ll even venture to say for the vast majority of society, that WAS NOT the story for our 2020, it was a doozy! 2020 broke a lot of people and I’m not even talking about financially, but spiritually, emotionally, MENTALLY! I mean as if the fighting over toilet paper and hand sanitizer at the top of 2020 wasn’t enough already, people lost loved ones, some lost their jobs, people struggled with their kids being out of school and virtual learning, not having child care and struggling to hold on to their jobs because of it. Then not being able to see friends and family all year. COVID took a galactic sized (poop) all over 2020! Kids were forced to miss their graduations and first days of school. Expecting mothers were robbed of the excitement of sharing their doctors visits with the fathers. The confinement that was quarantine as if we were all on punishment for something we didn’t even do! People haven’t been able to physically check on their loved ones in the hospitals and nursing homes. It’s been taxing to say the least.

So no, I vehemently disagree with the statement that “it ain’t in you” if you didn’t hustle in 2020. Hell, living through it and surviving was hustle enough! Waking up everyday to the unknown and figuring it TF out was hustle enough. Trying to remain sane through it all and still take care of everything and everyone was hustle enough!

I’m not sure if Diddy was the originator of the post, but if he was, to that I say STFU sir! You’re a multi-millionaire and have been for years now. You have disposable income bro. You live in a big ass mansion, probably with maids and cooks and have multiple cars at your disposal. There isn’t that much “hustle” you have to do in life at this point because you’re already set for the rest of you and your kids lives. Your hustle isn’t out of necessity, but choice. He can’t and/or shouldn’t speak for the rest of society because he’s not living through the same circumstances. But I’ve seen the same statement said and reposted by so many others as well.

It’s kind of a slap in the face. As if society asked for or expected 2020 to be what it was and were able to plan for it. As if those of us that didn’t “hustle” to your standards/ideals are lesser than and undeserving. Or as if those that didn’t “hustle” in 2020 can’t come back and rock TF out of 2021 and beyond.

So, hand claps and congratulations to those of you that “hustled” in 2020, were blessed to have had an amazing year, were very productive & flourished, had no traumatic experiences, and were “standing in the sun” all 2020. But standing ovation to the rest of us that battled in the trenches through the storm and rain of 2020 and are still standing to talk about it! 2020 was THEE WORST year of my life thus far. So to those of us that made it through by the skin of teeth, WE MADE IT queen/king/bro/sis! And that was hustle enough! I pray that we all have a way better 2021! I pray that this year is more peaceful & kinder. I pray that we have more time, space, clarity, drive and will to “hustle” in whatever way we need to in order to make it a good one! But even if you can’t, just know you’re doing what you can and that’s your MFn business!

Freddie J.


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  1. Survival mode alllll 2020! I agree with you 100% sis. If you’re here today, breathing, fighting, making a way out of no way, it’s definitely “in you”!

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    • Exactly what I’m saying sis! People got the game messed up thinking that the “hustle” looks one way. Nope! Plenty of people were ready to GIVE UP!!! Yet they didn’t… THAT’S the hustle I’ll always respect!


  2. Sis you the real MVP for this right here. It definitely feel like a slap in the face to those who were battling in the trenches. Kudos to everyone who found a hustle and flourished. But don’t make it seem like others didn’t have it in them. Everybody life situations is different. Thank God I didn’t suffer financially in 2020 but I suffered in other areas of my life. People need to watch what they say on social media and people who copy and paste from those people need to know what they repeating before they do. That statement “they just didn’t have it in them” such balls.

    Great blog sis

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks sis! I appreciate your support. I’m airway knowing what our year was like! But we’re coming back bigger and better with God’s help and in His timing!💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾


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