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Views From The Canary Islands

March 10-12, 2019

Hello my loves and welcome back to the kingdom for another installment of reliving my birthday trip to Spain! (I swear I’m trying to get through these posts y’all!)😩🤦🏾‍♀️

So, March 10th was just a sea day, we were just going to catch up on sleep and chill all day. We did have to make an impromptu quick stop at another port somewhere off Morocco because someone on board had gotten sick and “they exhausted all efforts on board” as they put it. We had a beautiful view from our balcony though.

That evening we had dinner at the “habachi restaurant” on the ship. 🙄🤷🏽‍♀️ It was nothing to be all excited about…

March 11th we reached Malaga, Spain! We didn’t have a planned excursion that we were interested in, so we decided to stay in and use the day to record one of our YouTube videos! Still I snapped some shots from my balcony first though!🤗

Shots from our video shoot! Stay tuned for the video release!

After recording, we got fancy and headed to dinner!

Tenerife, Canary Islands

Tenerife has hands down been one of my favorite vacation spots! It was absolutely GORGEOUS from the moment we pulled into port! Our first excursion of the trip was in Tenerife, so as we’d done the previous day’s of the trip, we got up really early, headed to the track for a workout, had breakfast in the main dining room, then we walked the observation deck on of way back to our room to get dressed. Here are some views from Tenerife!

Ok! Next we were off to our excision!

So our excursion in Tenerife was going to Loro Parque, which is a zoo that staterted off as a piece of land this guy bought in order to house the parrots he loved. It started off with 500 parrots, and now they house over 2500! This guy kept buying more and more land surrounding his property to expand and take in more rescue animals. Now they’re a fully fledged zoo with just about every zoo animal you can think of! To this day, the founders home sits in the center of the park grounds! He’s over 80 years old and he is still heavily involved in the park business as well as his wife and children!

We had A BLAST in Loro Park! It was soooo Beautiful! We took so many pictures and videos that these don’t even touch what I have stored. All of the exhibits were so will put together and cared for. Maybe later I’ll do a “Forgotten Files” blog of others pics and videos from the trip!

Dinner that night was delicious! They tried their hand at a Spain staple Paella! It was pretty good surprisedly. I’m sure not as awesome as authentic Spain paella, but it was nice!

Ok Kingdom! So that’s wraps it up! Stay in touch & look out for the next blog!

Stay Loyal, Stay Royal!


Freddie J.


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  1. Trying to stay back on track! I am so glad to hear that it got better and can I just say I love that dress on you! The zoo looked like a good time. Liking the pictures but my favorite is the one with you chucking them duces by the waterfall.

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