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My New Travel (And Everyday) Toiletry Essentials…


Goooood Afternoon, Happy April & Happy Monday Kingdom! Maaaaaaannnn Listen!!! March was such a whirlwind of a month! First and foremost, is was my Birthday Holiday Month and I fully celebrated it to the max! March came and went in the blink of an eye! Therefore, I am sooooo behind on posting on all of my social media platforms! High key, it’s kind of overwhelming how much information, pictures & postings I’m behind on, so I decided to kick it off with an easy one to get this posting purge started!

For my birthday, I traveled to Barcelona, Spain and took a 10 day cruise that embarked in Barcelona. It was my first time traveling for that length of time, so I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to take along and try out new products that I’d recently purchased, but had never used. So this posting is a product haul & review of sorts! Hope you all enjoy it, find it helpful, and find some new products to try out! I’ll include the links to everything below if you’re interested in puchasing.



These facial wipes are AMAZING! The wipes are a decent size, they’re really soft and not abrasive to the skin and they are packed with moisture. I’m not a  make-up wearer (I just stick to lipsticks), a lot of which a mattes. I love a good matte lippie! If you’re a matte lipstick wearer, then you know how difficult some of them can be to wipe off! Anyway, I was able to clean my entire face really well AND wipe off all of my matte lipstick from the night with just one wipe each time and it would still be moist when I’m done with it. Plus the wipes left a nice dewy glow to my skin! Let’s not forget they smell AWESOME! If you love lemon scent that is, you will thorougly enjoy these. I enjoyed using these for my face to feel refreshed, to clean my face before taking a nap, to refresh my face after a nap, and at the end of my night! 


This face scrub was quite possibly the favorite part of my morning routine! Firstly, the lemon smell was indeed a great wake me up! The exfoliating micro scrubbies are really gently on the skin and aren’t abrasive like some exfoliating cleansers can be. A little dollup in your palm goes a long way! It left my skin feeling very refreshed. I enjoyed using this in my mornings after a workout or after getting back in from my excursions. Something about sweating just makes my face feel extra dirty, so I feel like I need a deep clean! This exfoliating wash was the perfect answer to that!


Once again, this is another amazing face wash! Why did I buy both the scrub and gel face wash?! #1 Because I know that my face doesn’t ALWAYS need to be exfoliated & I didn’t want to over exfoliate and irritate my skin… #2 I’m used to exfoliating face washes being much more abrasive, so in all actuality, I could probably use the scrub everyday and be fine… #3 Just because I wanted it & to compare if I like one over the other. Anyway, this gel cleanser is VERY gentle on the skin. It also carries that amazing lemon smell and left my face feeling refreshed. I enjoyed using the gel cleaner after a shower for a quick face refresh!


As y’all can see, I just snatched up the whole lemon line! I didn’t have any facial toner at home, so that’s how I justified this purchase. LOL What I appreciated about this toner is that it didn’t have that astringent burn that a lot of toners have when you use them. Still carried that amazing lemony smell and left my face feeling botox tight! LMAO!


I absolutely love all things Mielle Organics! A fabulous Black Owned Business, I started using her hair care products probably 5 years ago now, and she continues to get my money! About 2 years ago now she started a face care line with this Pomegranate & Honey scent and I was SOLD after the first purchase. A tiny dollup definitely goes a long way and the smell is heavenly! There is actually a face wash that goes with it, but I was out of it prior to the trip. But this lotion does a great job at moisturizing my sometimes dry skin!

Prior to the trip, my toothpaste of choice was actually a tooth POWDER system I was using from another Black Owned Business called Garner’s Garden. I LOVED IT! It comes with a oxy-pulling mouth rinse, mouth wash and tooth powder. The entire system was amazing and made my mouth feel so fresh. I was running low on it prior to leaving and I knew it wouldn’t last me through my entire trip and I didn’t have enough time to reorder it.


Sooo, while I was in Target the night before leaving, I found these travel size toothpaste from the brand Hello. This toothpaste is actually a repurchase. It was actually the last toothpast that I used prior to starting Garner’s Garden at the beginning of the year. I really enjoyed this toothpaste. I had no idea it came in travel size, so once I saw it in Target I quickly snatched up a few! They’re just so cute right?!



This body wash is defnitely a new favorite! I bought it forever ago, but never used it, so I took it on the trip with me. It’s a 19oz bottle, and this one bottle lasted me the entire 12 days of my trip! That’s saying a lot for me because #1, I guiltily use a very liberal amount of body wash (I love the smell) and #2, on average I took 2-3 showers a day the whole trip, and this one bottle held out. IT SMELLS SOOOO AMAZING!!! I love all things coconut and this did not disappoint. It it very soft, gentle and moisturizing to my skin. It will definitely be a repurchase!


OK, so very quick story time… The morning I was leaving out for my trip, I was doing last minute running around and realized that I forgot to shave! In a mad rush to get out of the house and pick my bestie up from the airport, I applied Nair to my legs before hopping in the shower. Welp, I guess I left the Nair on longer than I thought I did and it irritated the crap out of my legs! (Left leg moreso than the right leg). I’m sure it was a chemical burn/contact dermatitis. My calf was all reddened and inflamed! (In hindsight, I wish I’d taken a picture to attach to this). Anywho, I’d bought this Tea Tree Oil IDK how long ago, but I’m sure it’s been at least a year ago at minimum. I can’t even remember the original reason I bought it, but I’d NEVER used it before. Ironically, I’d packed this in my toiletry bag about a week prior to leaving. WHY?! I have no idea. I was going through my toiletry drawer while packing, I saw it, and threw it in the bag. I guess my subsconsious knew I was going to mess myself up in the coming weeks! Anyway, my skin was so irritated, that I didn’t want to risk putting any other lotions/fragrances on my skin, so all I used as a moisturizer for the first half of the trip was this Tea Tree Oil. Maaaannn listen! This Tea Tree Oil is CLUTCH!!! It literally had my skin cleared up considerably within a handful of days. Totally cleared up by the middle of the trip! Aside from it doing a great job for healing my skin, it’s an awesome moisturizer. “Tea” (Affectionaly named by Sasha & I) was used by the both of us everyday in some capacity the entire trip! Tea was bae!


This is acutally another repurchase as well. But I love it! Once again, it’s coconut so it was already my jam! It smells amazing! It’s so soft and smooth and makes applying a really quick process. It’s a great moisturizer, leaves your skin silky smooth and glistening! I love applying this fresh out the shower!



I purchased both of these fragrances at the same time. Did a spray test in the store (don’t judge me) and they both smelled AMAZING! I had to buy them! I’ve never had any body odor issues, so deodorant to me is fun trying new scents. These two will definitely be repurchaes in the future.


Last but definitely not least… Rose… Rose was bae the entire trip for both Sasha and I! We wore Rose out! I mean we used her LIBERALLY everyday, multiple times a day! We used her so much you would have throught the bottle would be empty, but we’ve been back from the trip and I still have half a bottle left. Rose will definitely be a future repurchase (until BBW does something ridiculous like discontinuing this amazing scent). Rose is so light a flowery and she smells absolutely AMAZING! You would think that with as much as we sprayed her, we would have been choking each other in scent but it wasn’t like that at all. I definitely need to check my staff to see if I have the rest of this collection, because if not, it shall be the first thing added to my bag during the next BBW sale!

And that’s all folks! These are all of the toiletries that I used for my entire trip in Spain! All of them were just as amazing as the trip itself. As I mentioned at the beginning, I am way behind on postings from/about my trip, so stay tuned for the continued content purge that I need to have! Don’t forget to follow my blog page here, also follow my blog page on IG @KingdomOfAQueen30 and on FB @Kingdom of a Queen. Follow my best friend Sasha Monet and I’s YouTube page for more videos about our trip @Bestie Box Queens and our IG page @BestieBoxQueens for pics from the trip and more!

Stay Loyal, Stay Royal!
Freddie J.

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  1. “Tea was bae” . Lmao. And I use Mielle for my hair. I did not know there was a skin care line!!! Let me go do some research real quick!! Thanks sis!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Girl I love Mielle skin care line! Face scrub, face lotion, face serum, face mask, body wash& body lotion! All of it is amazing and smells amazing! If you try it, let me know how you like it! Thanks for commenting sis! 🤗🥰😘


  2. I definitely will be trying some of these toiletries on my next trip. I always wanted to try the charcoal toothpaste. Not sure if I can now that I have braces. I’m about to head over to vickey secrets right now for that oil too. Lotion is good but I love body oil. Thanks for sharing sis. Can’t wait to see more on your trip to Barcelona.

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    • I’d suggest you trying the Garner’s Garden system I mentioned sis. It’s less of a mess and would be easier to rinse out with your braces. Plus it’s a B.O.B. and I love his products so far! And I’m working on the trip postings sis!😩🤦🏽‍♀️😂 Thanks for commenting! 🤗🥰😘


  3. I had no idea OGX had body wash. I use their shampoos and conditioners and I just love all their scents. I’ll definitely need to try it out. Can’t wait to see and hear more about the cruise!


  4. Omg those products definitely were LIFE!!! I wish I would have tried the shower gel but Ibknew our trip was long and we needed to hold on to our soaps lol!!! Maybe next trip 🤷🏽‍♀️! Love you friend keep me coming!
    Btw thank you again for introducing me to rose!!! She’s been doing her thing!

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