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A Few of My Favorite Things…


Season’s Greetings Queens & Kings! These weeks and days of the Christmas Season are swiftly winding down. Like seriously?! Where did 2018 go y’all?! Who was hella unprepared for Christmas shopping this year?! I know I was! Initially, I resided with the decision that “ain’t nobody getting no Christmas!”… But… Being as though Christmas is my second favorite holiday (after my birthday), and as these Christmas sales and deals started rolling in, coupled with the fact that I just LOVE shopping and even more, I LOVE LOVE LOVE giving gifts to people, I couldn’t hold on to that decision for long!

I’m sure many of you are familiar with Oprah Winfrey’s famous “Oprah’s Favorite Things” Christmas show that would air every year and she would bring out everything she liked throughout the year and gift it to her audience. She still carries on the tradition of her favorite things in her “O Magazine”. Sooo, in the spirit of Auntie O, I’ve come up with a small list of Freddie’s Favorite Things! If any of you are like me and are low-key procrastinators when it comes to some things (most things), like shopping in this holiday season, and you have yet to find/buy a Christmas gift for your girlfriend(s), your sister(s), your mom, your bestie, your co-workers, or even YOURSELF, I have compiled a small list of a few of my favorite things that are quick buys and would make a cute small gift! (Sorry men, this list isn’t for you… maybe next year). And noooo, I’m not giving anything away like Auntie O cause I don’t have Auntie O’s money! But, if the Lord says the same, one day there will be a giveaway attached to this! Somebody touch and agree with me!

HINT: If you click on the underlined titles beneath or beside each product (except for Purple Sands), it will take you directly to that site page if you’re interested in purchasing/locating the items near you! You’re welcome!


Store: Ulta
Product: Juice Infused Lip Oil
Cost: $9, Currently Buy 2, Get 2 FREE!!!

8065Ulta Juice Infused Lip Oil

Ok, so this is hands down one of my FAVORITE lip glosses! It glides on smoothly and leaves a beautiful shine! I’ve been using is for the last few years and it is definitely my go to! It’s not too thick or sticky/tacky feeling like some glosses can be. My favorite is the COCONUT!!!

Store: Walmart
Product: Mainstays Purple Sands Scent

For all of my candle/scent lovers, this one is for you! I love all things that smell amazing, but as you know, candles can become very expensive, especially if you’re like me and love for them to burn all the time! This is an inexpensive, yet AMAZING alternative to burning all your good good candles up! I LOVE PURPLE SANDS!!! When I first discovered Purple Sands about 2 years ago now, I went through a period where every time I went into a Walmart, I went to their candle section and completely WIPED THEM OUT of all Purple Sands. I have a plastic storage bin filled to the brim with this scent is every size available, from the wax melts and room sprays, to the mini candles that cost about $1 or so, to the big 20 oz candle that as you can see above are only $4.86!!! Y’all thank me later!

Store: Bath & Body Works
Product: Stress Relief Candle
Cost: $24.50, Currently on sale for $15.50!!!

As I just mentioned above, candles can become very pricey, as evidenced by BBW’s 3 wick candles that at regular price run for a whopping $24.50!!! BUT… This is one of my all time favorite candles!!! Matter of fact, it’s one of my favorite scents PERIOD!!! I’m not fully sure if it legit relieves stress, but it smells amazing and it makes me smile every time I smell it, so maybe it does! Normally, I reserve buying these candles only once a year, in December when BBW has their 3 wick candle sale for $8.95!!! A major steal!!! That sale has already passed, so if you’re buying this baby, you’re catching it at regular price unless you have a coupon! And be prepared if you do have a coupon because sometimes the coupons are not applicable to the candles! These candles are currently on sale for $15.50 though, so act fast if you want it!

If you, or someone that you are thinking of buying this gift for does love the Stress Relief Scent, then I’d personally suggest you adding an additional $13 on to the gift price and you can have this entire amazing set as pictured above! It includes the Stress Relief 3 wick candle, shower gel, body lotion, and hand soap! That’s like paying $9.38 for each item! Can’t beat it… Plus you’ll love it!

Store: MAC Cosmetics
Product: Ruby Woo

IMG_6803Ruby Woo Mini Lipstick

IMG_6802Ruby Woo Full Size Lipstick

IMG_6804Ruby Woo Lip Pencil

IMG_6806Ruby Woo Lipstick & Lip Pencil Duo

IMG_6805Ruby Woo Lipglass

I absolutely ADORE a red lippie! O-M-G!!! It’s a definite go to of mine when I really want to pop a look, or need that one small piece of “umph” to make a statement! I’d been wanting to try the MAC Cosmetics Ruby Woo since it first hit the scene a few years ago, and initially it was impossible to find because they were always selling out so fast! Last December I bought a lipstick mini’s gift set (for myself) from MAC and Ruby Woo was surprisingly one of the colors inside. It was love at first wear and I’ve been obsessed since! It’s a definite recommendation from me and it will be a life time must have and repurchase of mine (as long as MAC doesn’t do something unforgivable like discontinue it!). I feel absolutely STUNNING every time I wear it! Once again, thank me later!

Store: Victoria’s Secret
Product: Get Glossed Lip Shine 
Cost: $12

IMG_6807Get Glossed Rose Gold Lip Shine

This is another one of my go-to lip glosses. My favorite is the “Rose Gold” shade which is pictured above. It goes on super smooth and it doesn’t have that thick, tacky feeling. It contains Jojoba oil and Vitamin E. PLUS, it has a shimmer of gold glitter! It’s beautiful!

Store: Hobby Lobby
Product: Kaiser Craft Pens
Cost: $9.99, Currently there is a 40% off one regular priced item coupon

Kaiser Craft Gel Pens

To all of my fellow pen lovers, this one if for you! These pens are AMAZING! When I first saw them, I fell in love with the presentation. Each set of 12 pens comes housed in a clear plastic hard case, that has 3 snap closures on the sides, so you never have to worry about losing a pen down in your bag or something. Typically, I hate fine point pens and I had no idea that these were fine point until I got them home and opened them to test them out. My favorite everyday writing pen is 1.6 mm in size and these pens are 0.8 mm roller-ball tips, but the size of the font when writing is awesome! I love them. There are 4 different sets of colors as pictured above, they are glitter, metallic, neon and pastels. My first purchase I bought myself the metallic and glitter sets and they are both amazing! They write smoothly, no skipping, no scratched paper, and each color is vibrant! I have since purchased the neon and pastel sets as well. This will make the perfect gift for any fellow pen enthusiast, gel pen lover, crafter, or someone that loves to journal! Oh and don’t forget, Hobby Lobby pretty much ALWAYS has a 20-60% off coupon that you can apply to your purchase of these pens! Happy Writing!

That’s all for now folks! I hope my list of favorite things gives you some ideas or inspirations for last minute gifts for your loved ones! I 100% stand behind each product mentioned above! I use them all on the regular and they will forever be a part of my collections of things. If you do end of purchasing something from my list, hit me up in the comments, I’d love to know what you got! I wish you all Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and HAPPY SHOPPING!!! Until next time my loves…

Stay Loyal, Stay Royal!
Freddie J.

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  1. Ok sis i think I’ll have everything on this list?! Is that selfish (Eye roll)?! But I think I’ll start with that Purple Sands. I’ve never smelled it but I totally trust your nose and I love candles and scents so much! Thanks for this fantastic list! Love ya!

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  2. I remember you and I were looking through Oprah’s list together and I was like “yeah okay Oprah!” Too bad I am not a makeup girl or else I would go check out the make up recommendations you put up but, Bath and Body Works Stress relief is my FAVORITE!!!!! Can’t wait for the next post

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lipstick and lipgloss is as far as I got with makeup. Anything else, I have no idea how to even apply it! One day I’ll have Auntie O’s money, but today ain’t that day!😂🤣 As always, thanks for your support Triplet!🤗😘


  3. I know I’m late but your few favorite things are my favorite things. I absolutely love bath and body complete Aromatherapy collection. I have candles, location, bath and shower gel. It’s so relaxing. I honestly love the whole mainstays collection from bed sheets to the smell good warmers. The only thing I buy from Vicky Secrets is their lipgloss. I’m glad to see we have a lot of favorite things in common. Hope you had a great Christmas.

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  4. Lol once again I think we’re twins!!! Your list is pretty much my list. There are a few things I need to try on here though! Thank you for this wonderful post sis! Love you and keep it up 😘🙏🏾

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